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December 21-22 Murrieta’s

One last dance before the intake of turkey overtakes your ability to move your groove thing, and a last chance to see Naomi do her dance of the seven veils.

Mardi Gras Christmas gathering without the carols. Sacrilege!

The June Taylor dancers under the direction of Shannon Bradley-Green will be making a rare appearance this weekend. Watch out for the flying elbows.

October 11-12 Murrieta’s

Join us for a mind-blowing weekend of all out dancing as we rollout some Fine Young Cannibals, Human League and David Bowie struttin’ tunes.

Gambling was never this much fun. So grab a one armed bandit and shimmy on till the break of dawn. No shirt, no shorts, no cover, no problem. What happens at the Elbow is broadcast on the National. We promise not to tell…much.

The last of the summer wine with Calgary’s tipsiest dance band, full-bodied and then some. Special guest appearance by Brittany Spears and her 3rd cousin Zelda Zinkerman.

Come on out this weekend to savour some new pop tunes and a couple of 80s classics from Human League and the Fine young Cannibals. Go Go girls start at 10 sharp. White, sex kitten boots optional.

Gadzooks, it’s Glen’s wedding and we don’t have a thing to wear. Not to worry, Meagan Markle has a dress that isn’t being used at the moment…sure hope it fits.

Drummer Stephen Shawcross is sacrificing life and limb as the 21st is his wife’s and the Queen’s birthday(oftentimes indistinguishable). Help him stave off a beating by supporting Calgary’s favourite cover and dance band.

This is no April fools, Naomi and the “wall of bald” are back and hammering out the moves…can’t touch this. Special guest appearance by Sano Stante and his magic unicorn guitar and popcorn maker.